Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

Almond Roca chocolates are gluten-free and do not contain any gluten ingredients. It’s unclear whether or not they are manufactured in a facility that processes gluten. 

What Are Almond Roca?

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

Almond Roca are chocolates with crunchy, buttery toffee and diced almonds. They are shaped like logs and pack a powerful punch of crunch and flavor. They were created in the early 1900s by Brown And Haley. 

Almond Roca are distinct in appearance with their signature gold foil covering. They used to be sold in bright pink boxes which added to their unique and memorable appearance. Brown And Haley continues to create chocolate over 100 years later. 

About Brown And Haley, Makers Of Almond Roca

The two creators of Almond Roca, Harry L. Brown and J.C. Haley, met at church in 1908. At the time, Brown was making candy and Haley had a knack for business. They decided to join forces in 1912 to combine their two loves. 

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

The company they originally founded was called Oriole Candy Company. They started with their famous Mountain bars, but gained notoriety with their Almond Roca. For over 100 years, they have been releasing delicious and indulgent sweets. 

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What Other Products Does Brown And Haley Make?

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

Apart from Almond Roca, Brown And Haley have other chocolates, including: 

  • Cashew Roca
  • Mocha Roca
  • Sea Salt Caramel Roca
  • Dark Roca
  • Peppermint Roca
  • Macadamia Roca

Ingredients In Almond Roca

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

The ingredients in Almond Roca are:

  • Sugar
  • Almonds
  • Butter
  • Palm Oil
  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Whey
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Soya Lecithin
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

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Nutritional Information For Almond Roca 

Are Almond Roca Gluten-Free?

The following nutritional information is for one serving of Almond Roca, which is three pieces. 



Total Fat

14 grams

Saturated Fat

6 grams


15 grams


50 milligrams 


18 grams


1 gram


16 grams


2 grams 

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