Are Bomb Pops Gluten-Free?

Are Bomb Pops Gluten Free

Is The Original Bomb Pop Gluten-Free?

The Original Bomb Pop might be gluten-free, given that there is no wheat, barley, or rye in the ingredients. All dyes and chosen ingredients are safe to eat with gluten allergies. 

Wells Enterprises, the manufacturer of the Original Bomb Pop, is adamant about making its products allergen-free. Bomb Pop lists all potential allergens under their product descriptions and the Bomb Pop website.

About The Original Bomb Pop

The Original Bomb Pop is one of the most popular bomb pops. The most commonly recognized bomb pop flavor is the original, red, white, and blue mixed-berry flavor. 

Wells Enterprises makes several other bomb pop flavors, including Bomb Pop Middles, which have an ice cream exterior and taffy or ice cream stuffing.

Primary ingredients in The Original Bomb Pop include: 

  • Water
  • Sugar 
  • Corn syrup

Wells Enterprises selects its ingredients wisely. The dye used to color their Original Bomb Pops is safe to eat for people with gluten intolerance.

Are Bomb Pop Middles Gluten-Free?

Bomb Pops Middles are gluten-free ice cream pops with creamy ice cream and taffy centers. These ice cream pops come in several flavors and are the perfect treat on a hot day! 

About the Middles Bomb Pop

The Bomb Pop Middles is delicious, single-flavored ice cream on the outside, stuffed with tasty fillings on the inside. Middles Bomb Pops released in 2020. 

There are three official Bomb Pop Middles flavors, which are all gluten-free. The first flavor is chocolate caramel sundae, which is chocolate on the outside and caramel on the inside. 

The second Bomb Pop Middles is called the Root Beer Float. The interior of the root beer float is vanilla on the inside, with a delicious mixture of root beer. On the outside is a creamy root beer ice cream!

The last Bomb Pop Middles flavor is Strawberry Raspberry Taffy. This Bomb Pop Middles flavor is a creamy strawberry ice cream on the outside, with gooey strawberry and raspberry taffy on the inside. 

Primary ingredients in Bomb Pop Middles include: 

  • Buttermilk
  • Sugar
  • Whey

Bomb Pop Middles is a different take on the traditional Bomb Pop that people have come to love so much. Still, Wells Enterprises has not sacrificed its strict, gluten-free formula to create the most flavorful and inclusive ice cream pop brand!

Are Bomb Pop Flavor Mashups Gluten-Free?

The signature Bomb Pop Flavor Mashup takes Bomb Pop to a new level by partnering with your favorite candies. Flavor Mashups come in several tasty flavors. 

About the Bomb Pop Flavor Mashups 

Bomb Pop Flavor Mashups are partnered with several candy brands to create delicious, candy-flavored popsicles. Mixed with their great Bomp Pop design and ingredients, they make a perfect dessert! 

Crush, Hawaiian Punch, Warheads, and Jolly Rancher are the candy brands partnered with Wells Enterprises to create delicious Flavor Mashups. Two other mashup flavors include Banana Fudge and Watermelon.

Primary ingredients in Bomb Pop Mashups include:

  • Water
  • Sugar 
  • Corn syrup

Every Bomb Pop Flavor Mashup resembles the candy it is made after, with bright colors and patterns to match.


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