Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

If you have a sweet tooth, being on a gluten-free diet can be a challenge. You may wonder whether you can eat any of your favorite treats again. For chocolate lovers, you may be wondering, are chocolate chips gluten-free? 

 While not all chocolate chips are gluten-free, most are, and there is a wide variety of gluten-free chocolate chip options on the market. From dark chocolate, to semi-sweet chocolate, to white chocolate there are gluten-free chocolate chip options for every type of sweet tooth. 

With countless gluten-free chocolate chips available, an entire world of delicious recipes and snacks open up. The following article will walk you through which type of chocolate chips are gluten-free and which brands offer the best options. 

How Can You Tell Which Chocolate Chips Are Gluten-Free?

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

Before we dive in, it is important to highlight that most, not all, chocolate chips are gluten-free. For individuals living with Celiac disease or who choose a gluten-free diet, it is always important to pay close attention to packaging and be sure to identify that each product is clearly labeled as a certified gluten-free product, ensuring it adheres to U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidelines. 

According to the FDA, any product that carries a certified gluten-free label must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, which is the lowest level that can be reliably detected using scientific analytical methods. You can learn more about the FDA’s rules and requirements for gluten-free labels here

If you ever find that you are uncertain if the product you are interested in is gluten-free read the nutritional label. The nutritional label will allow you to identify exactly what ingredients are in the product and allow you to confirm which products you are better off avoiding. Be sure to read each label closely and carefully!

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What Are the Best Brands for Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips?

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

When it comes to chocolate chips, there is a wide array of various brands to choose from. With the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip you have the foundation to make delicious chocolate cookies, chocolate chip brownies, chocolate chip muffins–a bevy of delicious treats that any fan of chocolate or any sweet tooth will love. Whatever recipe or treat you intend to make, it is important to know which chocolate chips are gluten-free, so you know exactly what to choose to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

Check out the following brands for the very best gluten-free chocolate chips on the market. 

Enjoy Life

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

This is a brand name you won’t soon forget for the very best in gluten-free sweets. If you are a chocolate lover on a gluten-free diet, Enjoy Life is the brand that never fails. Enjoy Life has an impressive assortment of chocolate chip morsels including dark chocolate, semi-sweet, white chocolate, and even rice milk chocolate

Enjoy Life is committed to offering products that are allergy free from gluten along with 14 other common allergens. With allergy safety as a priority for this brand it will no doubt become a kitchen staple for any person on a gluten and allergen free diet. 


Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

Hershey offers several gluten-free chocolate chip options with an easy to use online listing of the entire collection of gluten-free products available for purchase. Hershey’s is a great choice for gluten-free chocolate chip products, offering both dark chocolate and milk chocolate gluten-free options. With their comprehensive collection of products, Hersheys is also a great one stop shop for your gluten-free needs if you are looking to bake up something really special! 


Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

You’ll find that Lily’s is a brand that has certified gluten-free chocolate chip options (and alot more chocolate products besides). All of Lily’s products source non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. An added bonus is that the unsweetened chocolate, vanilla, and cocoa butter in most of Lily’s products are certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade International. Not only are all the Lily’s products good for you, their commitment to using ethically sourced ingredients means you are supporting something good when you buy their products. 


Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

A truly classic chocolate chip brand, Nestle, offers a variety of semi chocolate chip products that are gluten-free and delicious. Thankfully, most Nestle brand chocolate chips are gluten-free, including exciting flavors like Nestle milk chocolate and peanut butter swirls, and Nestle semi-sweet and premier white swirled morsels. 

Other excellent brands to check out for gluten-free chocolatey goodness: 

  • ChocZero
  • Hu Chocolate 
  • Pascha

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Wrapping Up

Are Chocolate Chips Gluten-Free?

For the sake of brevity–the answer is yes. Chocolate chips are gluten-free. With such a wide variety available on the market, you are certain to find an excellent brand that you will love!

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