Are Clif Bars Gluten-Free?

Are Clif Bars Gluten-Free?

Regular Clif Bars are not gluten-free. That being said, there are versions of other Clif products that are gluten-free. Clif Bars are meant as healthy snacks for people who are active and on-the-go. They have calories that are good for burning as fuel to keep you going. But, they may have too much sugar and gluten for some people.

Are you sensitive to gluten? Looking for some good gluten-free snacks? In this article, we’re taking a look at Clif Bars and what you need to know about them if you’re trying to avoid gluten. Keep reading to find out how much gluten is in them, what alternatives Clif offers to their regular bars, and why it’s important to know.

Are Clif Bars Gluten-Free Diet Friendly?

Clif Bars come in several flavors. None of the regular options are gluten-free. Some of the most popular flavors are:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Cool Mint Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavor
  • Peanut Butter Banana
  • Blueberry Almond Crisp
  • Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

None of these are gluten-free. If you struggle with celiac disease or are gluten sensitive, these are not good snack options for you.

Are Clif Bars Gluten-Free?

Are Clif Bars Vegan?

Many Clif Bars are vegan-friendly. Most of the flavors are good choices for vegan diets. 

The Clif Protein bars and LUNA protein bars are not vegan-appropriate, however. There is whey protein contained in these options. Whey protein is derived from dairy milk. 

The Clif Bar Peanut Butter ; Honey w/Sea Salt also doesn’t fit the vegan lifestyle as honey is a product of bees.

Are Clif Thins Gluten-Free?

Clif Thins also are not gluten-free. The company doesn’t use a lot of wheat, rye, or barley in their products. They do use oats, though.

The oats in many of their bars aren’t certified as not containing gluten.

Are Clif Kid Bars Gluten-Free?

So, here’s some good news for those who need to avoid gluten. Clif Kid Zbar Protein is a gluten-free option. Clif wanted to target a broader range of kids to use this product. These bars are gluten-free and are packed with the fiber, carbs, fat, and protein needed to keep your kids moving and energized through their days.

How Much Gluten Is in Clif Bars?

It’s hard to say just how much gluten is in Clif Bars. It comes down to the oats. The bars that are oat-based are high in gluten. Others are not.

Some Clif products do not have any gluten in them. Your safest bet, if you need to avoid gluten in your diet, is to skip any Clif Bars that have gluten in them at all.

What Are Gluten-Free Snacks?

While there are some prepackaged gluten-free snack options, they’re not always easy to find. There isn’t always a wide variety available, either.

Gluten-free snacks are foods that do not have gluten in them naturally or do not have any ingredients included that contain gluten.

Since it’s not easy to find good options for gluten-free snacks, we’ve included a couple of ideas here.

  • Cheese sticks wrapped in turkey
  • Hummus and cucumber sandwiches
  • Beans and toast (made from gluten-free bread) with olive oil
  • Tomato with basil and mozzarella kabobs
  • Vegetable soup
  • Peanut butter and banana rice cakes
  • Tuna lettuce cups
  • Mini bell peppers stuffed with egg salad

These are all easy to make and do not include any gluten.

Is There a Gluten-Free Version of Clif Bars?

Some Clif Bar products are gluten-free. The company has created four product lines that are appropriate for a gluten-free diet. Check out any of these–Luna Bars, Clif’s Whey Protein Bars, Zbars, and Builder’s Bars. 

They also offer some other types of products that don’t contain gluten, but these are the gluten-free energy bar lines.

Are Clif Bars Healthy?

Clif Bars are healthy snacks for active people. They have 9 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and 4 grams of dietary fiber. There are also some good carbohydrates.

People who exercise and stay active can eat one bar for sustained energy and plenty of fuel to burn. They have 260 calories of satisfying nutrition. 

One thing to consider, though, is the sugar content. There are 20 grams of sugar in one bar. That’s a lot of sugar for someone who is sedentary or eats a lot of other sugar-packed foods. 

Is Gluten Bad for You?

While it’s gotten a bad reputation in recent years, gluten isn’t bad for you if you’re healthy and tolerant of it. Gluten, like most other nutitional substances, comes in different forms, some healthier than others.

Gluten that comes from whole grains is healthy and provides many nutritional benefits to the human body. It’s a protein that serves many purposes in all sorts of foods. 

People who experience discomfort when eating gluten report gas, bloating, and stomach issues. In these cases, there’s usually an intolerance to gluten. It means the body isn’t as efficient at breaking down gluten as it should be. 

Some people have a dangerous autoimmune response to gluten. This is what celiac disease consists of. Celiac disease presents with bloating, pain, diarrhea, rashes, and headaches. The small intestine can become severely damaged and serious cases could land you in the operating room. 

Should You Avoid Gluten?

Certain groups of people should avoid gluten. If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, avoid all gluten. You should also avoid it if you have a gluten intolerance.

You could have a wheat allergy, too. Those with wheat allergies are likely better off avoiding gluten.

Most people can eat gluten without any issues. If you don’t experience any problems, there’s no reason to avoid gluten.


Regular Clif Bars are not gluten-free, but there are some other versions of bars made by Clif that are free of gluten. If you need to avoid gluten, try LUNA or Builder’s Bars. You can also get Clif Kid Zbar Protein bars for your children without gluten. Gluten isn’t bad for most people, but you should avoid it if you have issues with gluten in your diet.


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