Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Although most cornflakes are flavored with malt, it may be difficult to get gluten-free cornflakes in your local grocery store. Gluten is present in most store-brand cornflakes as well as Kellogg’s.

But it’s not an impossibility. You may discover several great selections on Amazon, like Nature’s Path Organic Fruit Juice Corn Flakes and Nestle Gluten-Free Corn Flakes. These are both gluten-free, so you may eat them if you have Celiac disease.

Many other whole-grain, gluten-free cereals are on the market, such as Cheerios, Rice Chex, and Corn Chex.

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Even though milled maize is the major component, typically corn flakes aren’t regarded as gluten-free cereals.

This is because of their gluten-containing ingredients, such as malt barley and other malt flavors.

However, you can purchase gluten-free cornflakes if you want to!

Nestle Gluten-Free Corn Flakes and Nature’s Path Organic Fruit Juice Corn Flakes are gluten-free since they have undergone testing and have been shown to have less than 20 ppm of gluten.

Although this is great for people who are just avoiding gluten, it may not be ideal for people with celiac disease as the 20 ppm of gluten is still enough to trigger an auto immune response.

Because Kellogg’s Corn Flakes include malt flavor, which is listed in their web ingredient list, they are not gluten-free.

Most other main stream brands are as dangerous for people with Celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

Are There Gluten-Free Corn Flakes?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Yes! Several brands of corn flakes have received gluten-free certification, including Nestle Gluten-Free Corn Flakes and Nature’s Path Organic Fruit Juice Corn Flakes.

Due to the presence of malt barley, which contains gluten, most other well-known varieties of cornflakes aren’t gluten-free.

Because they are produced in a plant that also processes wheat, even cornflakes that don’t include malt barley typically don’t carry a gluten-free label.

This increases the possibility of gluten cross-contamination in the cereal.

We’ve included this table of gluten free brands:

Gluten Free Corn Flake Brands
Nature’s Path
Simply Nature
365 Everyday Value
Cascadian Farm
Lundberg Family Farms

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What Corn Flakes Are Gluten-Free?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

There are alternatives for those who must eat gluten-free yet miss cornflakes. Here are a few well-known manufacturers of cornflakes without gluten:

  • EnviroKidz Amazon Flakes: This is the closest thing you’ll get to Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, a mouthful for a bite. These cornflakes are created by Nature’s Path, which also makes all EnviroKidz cereals and other goods, and is sweetened only with pure cane sugar and organic cornmeal. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), which examines manufacturing facilities, has certified them as gluten-free.
  • Erewhon Corn Flakes: This cereal doesn’t serve as a straight substitute for sweetened regular cornflakes. It doesn’t have any additional sweetness and is produced by Attune Foods. Sea salt and organic milled corn are the only two ingredients that enhance the flavor of the corn. The cereal has three certifications from the GFCO: organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
  • Nature’s Path Corn Flakes: These organic corn flakes from Nature’s Path are sweetened with fruit juices (grape and pears), not sugar. Because of this, you might notice that this cereal is a little bit less sweet and has a better texture than the cornflakes you’re used to eating. They are organic, non-GMO, and have the GFCO’s gluten-free certification.

Which Corn Flakes Contain Gluten?

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, the majority of well-known brands of cornflakes cereal include gluten. Discover what corn flakes contain gluten and which corn flakes have a chance of containing gluten-containing components by looking at the list below.

  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes: Due to the malt taste, Kellogg’s corn flakes are not gluten-free.
  • Great Value Corn Flakes: These are inexpensive and can be found at Walmart. Due to the presence of malt extract, cornflakes contain gluten.
  • Happy Belly Corn Flakes: This cereal from the Amazon brand contains malted barley syrup. Thus, it is not gluten-free.

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Corn Flakes that Might Come in Contact with Gluten

Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

The possibility of cross-contamination with gluten-containing components exists even if these cornflakes don’t include malt barley. They are not marked as being gluten-free because of this:

  • Good ; Gather Organic Frosty Flakes: Only organic maize, organic cane sugar, and sea salt are included on the ingredient label; nonetheless, the cereal box lacks a gluten-free indication.
  • Barbara’s Organic Corn Flakes: Organic milled maize, sugar cane, and sea salt are used to make this cereal. According to the nutrition label, the grain is made at a location that also processes wheat.
  • 365 Organic Corn Flakes: Whole Foods uses organic milled maize, sugar cane, and sea salt to make this cereal. However, the manufacturer makes no assurances that the grain is gluten-free, so we may infer there is a chance of cross-contamination during production.


Are Corn Flakes Gluten-Free?

While most cornflakes include malt flavoring, it might be challenging to find gluten-free cornflakes in your neighborhood grocery shop. Both Kellogg’s and the majority of store-brand cornflakes contain gluten.

It’s not an impossible task, though. On Amazon, you may find several excellent options like Nestle Gluten-Free Corn Flakes and Nature’s Path Organic Fruit Juice Corn Flakes. If you have Celiac disease, you can consume these because they are both recognized as gluten-free.

Alternate whole-grain gluten-free cereals, including Rice Chex, Corn Chex, and Cheerios, are also available.

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