Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Crispy, cheesy, and satisfying are just some of the words you could use to describe Goldfish Crackers. Their smiling fish shapes and savory, cheesy goodness make them a favorite. However, those with Celiac disease might wonder if Goldfish Crackers are gluten-free.

All Goldfish Crackers varieties are not gluten-free because their main ingredient is enriched wheat flour. Pepperidge Farm used to sell a gluten-free type of the snack, but they have discontinued the product.

Thankfully, other brands sell gluten-free versions of cheese-flavored crackers. Keep reading to find out what Goldfish Crackers gluten-free alternatives are available for you.

Was There a Gluten-Free Goldfish Cracker?

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Pepperidge Farm, the manufacturer behind Goldfish Crackers, used to sell a gluten-free version of the snack. It was called “Goldfish Puffs Mega Cheese,” and it had the “Certified Gluten Free” label. They also use yellow corn meal instead of wheat flour to create the snack.

However, Pepperidge Farm stopped selling Goldfish Puffs a few years ago. The exact date is unknown as they seem to have quietly pulled the item away from the shelves. It’s also a mystery why they stopped selling this gluten-free alternative to regular Goldfish Crackers.

Pepperidge Farm’s decision to stop selling a gluten-free variety of the snack seems bizarre, considering they have Goldfish with whole grain wheat flour, along with organic and non-GMO ingredients. No one knows whether they’ll release another gluten-free snack in the future or not.

Do All Goldfish Crackers Varieties Have Gluten?

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Ever since the discontinuation of Goldfish Puffs, there are no longer any gluten-free Goldfish Crackers available. All 22 Goldfish Crackers varieties available on the market today, including limited edition ones, have wheat flour as their main ingredient.

Even their graham cracker-based Goldfish varieties are not gluten-free. Though they only have two flavors for this line – Vanilla Cupcake and S’mores – they’re both made from wheat flour. Pepperidge Farm simply doesn’t have any Goldfish products for those with gluten restrictions.

Are There Gluten-Free Snacks Like Goldfish Crackers?

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Thankfully, other brands stepped in to fill the gluten-free hole that Pepperidge Farms left. Searching on Amazon reveals quite a few fun-shaped cheese cracker alternatives. Here are some of them:

  • Made Good Cheddar Star Puffed Crackers – These snacks are gluten-free, organic, and allergy-friendly. They’re made from cassava and oat flour instead of the typical wheat flour, and the flavoring is from vegetable extracts.
  • Qwackers Gluten-Free Crackers Yummy Cheddar Cheese – Qwackers’ duck-shaped snacks are made from rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca starch. It does have dairy, however, as the cheese flavor is from actual cheddar cheese.
  • Mustache Munchies Plant-Based “Cheese” Crackers – Here’s another organic, plant-based, dairy and gluten-free alternative to Goldfish. They’re shaped like a mustache, and they’re made from a combination of chickpea, tapioca, and rice flour.

As you can see, you’re not entirely hopeless regarding gluten-free alternatives for Goldfish. While you have different options, remember that they may not taste exactly the same as Goldfish. These products aim to give you choices instead of just being a copycat.

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Can You Make Your Own Gluten-Free Goldfish Crackers?

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

If you’re tired of the lack of affordable gluten-free alternatives, making your own is relatively easy and inexpensive. You only need four essential ingredients: gluten-free flour blend, butter, and shredded cheese. You may also need xanthan gum, depending on your flour.

To create your dough, put all of the ingredients together inside a stand mixer or food processor. You want to keep your ingredients as cool as possible, so use “pulse” instead of constant stirring. Keep going until a dough forms.

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

Once the dough is ready, use your rolling pin to flatten it. The ideal thickness is ¼ inches, but you can make it thinner or thicker based on what you want. Then, grab your fish-shaped cookie cutters and start cutting them to shape.

To bake them, place your fish-shaped dough inside a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven for 8-10 minutes. You’ll know they’re ready when the color has turned golden brown. Your finished product should last for three days inside an airtight container.

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Final Thoughts

Are Goldfish Crackers Gluten-Free?

People with Celiac disease or have gluten sensitivities are out of luck when it comes to gluten-free Goldfish crackers. Pepperidge Farm used to sell a gluten-free version but they’ve since discontinued the product with no explanation.

While other manufacturers produce a similar snack that’s also gluten-free, they can get rather expensive. People on a strict budget can’t always buy these snacks regularly because of the price.

Fortunately, creating a homemade gluten-free Goldfish alternative is simple. You can make your snack as simple or as elaborate as you want; you have complete control over the ingredients list. You can even experiment with different cheeses and shapes to see which ones work better.

Overall, you shouldn’t fret too much about the lack of official gluten-free Goldfish crackers. You have alternatives from other companies, and you can always make them yourself.

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