Are Pop Rocks Gluten-Free?

Are Pop Rocks Gluten Free

Are Pop Rocks gluten free?

Pop Rocks are gluten free.

About Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are candy. They are unique because they have pressurized carbon dioxide bubbles on the inside, which makes them pop in your mouth when they dissolve.

Pop Rocks come in all different kinds of colors and flavors. They are broken crystals that are packaged in a little plastic pouch.

Pop Rocks have been popular for many decades because they are so memorable.

How Pop Rocks Are Made

To create Pop Rocks, first sugar is dissolved in water and evaporated at 320 degrees F until the content of water is 3% measured by mass. The water and sugar are cooled down to 280 degrees F.

While intensely stirring the mixture, it is pressurized with carbon dioxide. Then it remains under pressure while it cools and solidifies.

Once the pressure is released, the candy shatters into pieces of various sizes.

Why People Love Pop Rocks

People love Pop Rocks because they are so fun! Because they are gluten free, they are great to hand out as Halloween candy.

Pop Rocks are so popular because they are unique. No other candy gives the sensory experience that Pop Rocks provide.

Everyone has childhood memories of eating Pop Rocks and trying to see how many they could fit in their mouth, or just holding their tongue out and feeling the rocks pop.

Pop Rock Recipe Ideas

One way to use Pop Rocks is to attach them to the bottom of cherries with melted chocolate. The bursting cherry coupled with the popping of the Pop Rocks will surely be a delight.

You can also incorporate Pop Rocks into Apple Crumble. You add the Pop Rocks to the crumble portion along with butter, sugar, almond meal, and flour. This means the top of your Apple Crumble will be explosive!

You can cover lollipops in honey and then dip the lollipops in Pop Rocks. Some of them may pop in the process but there will be enough left over to be a delight.

Who ever thought of combining Pop Rocks with something cold, like popsicles? Make or buy popsicles and then coat the popsicles in dark chocolate. Sprinkle the Pop Rocks on while the chocolate is hardening.

There aren’t any treats more beloved than s’mores. Broil the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. Then sprinkle the Pop Rocks on top and add the final graham cracker.

Instead of salting the rim of your mocktail with salt, use Pop Rocks! With each sip you will have a little explosion in your mouth.

Sweet and savory are best friends. Dip potato chips in melted chocolate and add Pop Rocks on top.

You can do something as simple as making your favorite kind of cookie and sprinkling Pop Rocks on top as they cool.


  • Sugar
  • Lactose (milk sugar)
  • Corn Syrup
  • Artificial flavor
  • Artificial Color
  • Carbon dioxide

Nutritional Information

Calories 34
Carbohydrates 9.5g
Net carbs 9.5g
Glucose 8g


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