Are Pupusas Gluten-Free?

Are Pupusas Gluten Free

Part of experiencing food will be indulging in foods from all different types of cultures. Different cultures may follow different diets. If you have gluten intolerances or allergies, it can sometimes be challenging to adhere to your cultural standards. 

For example, if you’re Italian with a gluten allergy, it’s not looking too good for you, right? All of the traditional Italian foods like pasta and pizza, or desserts like tiramisu contain gluten. Of course, you can adapt recipes and find alternatives, but traditionally, you’d be unable to eat them.

Pupusas are corn cakes, that are quite similar to flatbreads or pancakes. They’re thought to have originated from El Salvador, a small country located in Central America, that’s bordered by the Pacific and Guatemala. They’re a traditional dish to the Latin American cuisine and are often served with beans, cheese, and meat. But are pupusas gluten-free?

Yes, they are! As they’re made with maize dough, masa harina, pupusas are naturally gluten-free.

If you’re adding toppings onto them, don’t forget to check that the spice mixes or sauces that you use are also gluten-free.


The ingredients will depend on which recipe you decide to follow. However, the typical recipe for pupusas will contain:

Vegetable Oil, Instant Corn Masa Flour, Red Kidney Beans, White Onion, Grated Cheese.

Pupusas are made by cooking the onion, blending the beans with masa flour and warm water, and then cooked in vegetable oil to make these delicious corn cakes. The cheese is often used as an additional topping rather than in the mixture itself.

Nutritional Information

Of course, the nutritional information will depend on the recipe that you’re following and how equally you’ve divided your mixture. For a typical recipe, one pupusa (approx 117g) contains 16g fat, 26g carbohydrates, 1.4g sugar, 14g protein, and 300 calories. 

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