Are See’s Candies Gluten Free?

Is the Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Every chocolate and confection made by See’s that is located behind the glass counter is gluten-free. Many of these confections are from Mary See’s original recipes from 1921.

Is Everything Gluten-Free?

Almost everything for sale at See’s Candies is gluten-free, with the possible exception of some items that are created by other confectioners, manufactured in a facility that processes some items containing gluten. These items include:

  • Candy Canes

  • Peanut Butter Bites

  • Lemon Drops

  • Apple Pie Bites

  • Hunnakah Hard Candy

  • Hot Cocoa

  • Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Might Not Be Gluten-Free

These and the hot cocoa mix are the only chocolate products that might possibly contain gluten. While there are no gluten-containing ingredients in the chocolate coating or the beans, there may be cross-contamination from gluten used in other products at the same facility.

About the Build Your Own Box Confections

Are See’s candies gluten-free when I’m creating a Build Your Own Box? Yes, celiac disease sufferers can still enjoy choosing from the array of famous candies enrobed in creamy chocolate without worry. 

Scotchmallow or Bordeaux?

There is debate over which of these two top sellers were the candies Lucille Ball practiced dipping for her famous chocolate factory scene in I Love Lucy. Depending on whether you prefer the dark chocolate and caramel of the Scotchmallow, or the milk chocolate and soft brown sugar center of the Milk Bordeaux, there is a gluten-free treat at See’s you’ll want to try!

Scotchmallows contain sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, vanillin, cream, corn syrup, honey, egg whites, brown sugar, gelatin, salt, cornstarch, almonds, walnuts, coconut, pecans, and peanuts. 

Milk Bordeaux contains sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, soy lecithin, vanillin, brown sugar, cream, cocoa (processed with potassium carbonate), confectionery glaze, corn syrup, salt, and butter, vanilla, almonds, walnuts, coconut, pecans, eggs, peanuts, cashews, and hazelnuts.

Single piece of candy


Milk Bordeaux




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Sugar grams



Protein grams



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