Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

Cones for ice cream come in all different sizes, shapes, and flavors. With this in mind, there’s also gluten-free variants out there for you to try. So, here’s a few options for gluten-free ice cream cones.

By going to grocery stores, Target, or Walmart, you can find cones with no gluten. If you’re ordering ice cream at an ice cream parlor, inquire about their gluten-free ice cream cones and buy them. To avoid ice cream cones with gluten in them, look at the labels on the boxes, and or ask the workers about the gluten contents inside the cone packages.

The rest of this article will cover where to buy gluten-free ice cream cones, why you should buy gluten-free ice cream cones, how to avoid ice cream cones with gluten, and why you should avoid gluten.

Where To Buy Gluten-Free Cones

The easiest option is the one where you don’t have to move: online! Through Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other online sellers, you can find gluten-free products of any kind, not just ice cream cones. The only problem with shopping online is that shipping can take several days.

However, shopping online means you have no risk of the item going out of stock. When shopping in-person, there’s a chance there’ll only be one pack of the cones left, or none at all. If you’re looking to order lots of ice cream cones in advance, ordering online is the best option.

As for in-person shopping, you can find ice cream cones at any grocery store. Target and Walmart, Walmart especially, are two places you’re likely to find gluten-free ice cream cones. While on the hunt for them, check the boxes to find a gluten-free label.

After you find the label, it’s safe to buy. If you can’t find a gluten-free label on the box, the odds are, it’s not gluten-free. However, check with a worker to be sure. If it’s not gluten-free, don’t risk buying a product with gluten and put it back. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

While out at an ice cream parlor, ask the workers about gluten-free cones. Also be sure to look at the menu to see the options they have, and order accordingly. 

Why You Should Buy Gluten-Free Cones

If you’re someone who can eat gluten, you may be wondering why you should bother with gluten-free ice cream cones. The reason doesn’t have anything to do with dieting: it has to do with taste. The best way to expand your love of food is by trying new things, after all.

The gluten-free cones are made up of unique ingredients. For example, instead of using regular flour, they use quinoa flour. Quinoa flour is a good source of protein. It also provides iron, fiber, and unsaturated fat. Quinoa itself is a unique grain, which is why you should give it a try.

Besides the taste, gluten-free cones are also dairy-free. They use non-dairy milk to make the cones along with other ingredients such as corn flour and sweet white rice flour.

How To Avoid Cones With Gluten

Luckily, it’s easy to avoid products with gluten in them. Food items that don’t have gluten will typically have a gluten-free label, that way those who can’t consume gluten know what to get. That’s why it’s easy to tell if the product you’re buying has gluten in it or not.

Look for that gluten-free label on the ice cream cone box. Sometimes these boxes will have the letters ‘GF’ on them, which stands for gluten-free. On restaurant menus, you’ll see ‘GF’ next to the food item that’s gluten-free.

If you don’t see the gluten-free label, the odds are, it isn’t gluten-free. Check with a worker to be sure. However, if they don’t know, don’t buy the ice cream cones. 

Why You Should Avoid Gluten

Gluten impacts those with diseases such as an autoimmune disease and Celiac. Anyone with diseases such as those shouldn’t be eating gluten since it can harm their health. There’s also gluten intolerance, which can cause irritation in your stomach after eating gluten.

Even if you don’t have a condition that makes it hard, or impossible, to eat gluten, a gluten-free diet is still a popular choice. This is because those on the diet have reported feeling more energy throughout the day, and also have lost weight.

More research is needed to back up these claims, but it’s worth trying if you’re looking for a diet that’s easy to keep track of. Gluten-free meals and products are labeled clearly, which means you can keep track of what you’re buying, and also find the products faster.

Although there are some foods, like potato chips, that are gluten-free and still not healthy for you, you can create a healthy diet with gluten-free meals. For example, one benefit of going on a gluten-free diet is a newfound attention to detail when dealing with food labels.

You’ll gain the skill of reading food labels carefully and learning what the ingredients mean. This creates a better understanding of what you’re digesting, and it leads to a higher knowledge of nutrition in general.


You can buy gluten-free ice cream cones both online and in-person depending on what works best for your schedule. You can find them by looking for gluten-free labels. If you see a box of ice cream cones and it doesn’t have a label, ask a worker to clarify if it’s gluten-free or not.

Gluten-free products are made with different ingredients. Even if you can eat gluten, trying gluten-free meals will give you new flavors to experiment with. It’s opening you up to new types of foods and giving you more knowledge on the different ways food is made.

Avoiding gluten isn’t always the best option, but there are benefits to doing so. Other than the new flavors, you also gain more attention to detail when dealing with food labels. You’ll be able to read the labels more effectively, and you’ll learn about nutrition.

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