What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

Regardless of whether or not you suffer from celiac disease, just have an intolerance for gluten, or are looking to cut gluten out of your diet to lose weight faster you’ll be glad to know that Jimmy John’s (the legendary sandwich shop) has a bunch of different menu options for you to pick and choose from.

Upfront, though, we want you to know that Jimmy John’s does not (yet) have gluten-free bread available for the incredible sandwiches that they make – at least not as of late 2022. The odds are pretty good this is going to change in the future, especially with so many other chain restaurants starting to offer gluten-free bread as a core menu item, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

All that said, you can still get a delicious gluten-free meal from Jimmy John’s without spending an arm and a leg if you’ve been craving one of their sandwiches!

Jimmy John’s Doesn’t Have Gluten-Free Bread (Yet)

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

What’s gluten-free at Jimmy John’s, you ask?

Well, one thing that definitely is NOT gluten-free – at least not right now (late 2022) – is the bread that makes of the backbone of every sandwich Jimmy John’s puts out.

We know, we know. If Jimmy John’s doesn’t offer any gluten-free bread than how is anything that they offer (as a sandwich shop) going to be gluten-free?

You’ll have to read on  to learn a little more.

For the moment, though, don’t go into Jimmy John’s expecting there to be a gluten-free bread option. It’s probably right around the corner – especially if the trend of widespread gluten-free bread adaptations by fast food joints are anything to go off of – but there’s been no announcement so far.

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Give an “Unwich” a Try, Though

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

Luckily for you, though, you don’t have to give up completely on your favorite Jimmy John’s sandwiches when you’re sticking to a strict gluten-free diet.

That’s because you can order ANY of the Jimmy John’s sandwich options from the menu, or make your own custom sandwich, as an “unwich”.

What’s an “unwich”, you ask?

Well, it’s basically the exact same thing as a Jimmy John’s sandwich except the bread has been completely and totally replaced with lettuce.

The lettuce is fresh, crisp, and always super flavorful without getting in the way of all your favorite sandwich fixings. It is a bit of a departure from what you’re used to eating at Jimmy John’s, though, but it’s basically just a lettuce wrap version that’s 100% gluten-free and also low-carb.

Not a bad trade-off, right?

Most Proteins, Toppings, Sides, and Condiments are Gluten-Free

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

The good news for Jimmy John’s fans is that almost all of their favorite sandwich combinations (including most of the custom options) are available 100% gluten-free when you go with the “unwich” version.

That’s because the overwhelming majority of proteins, toppings, sides, and condiments at Jimmy John’s are as gluten-free as can be.

We are talking about the delicious ham, turkey, and roast beef that Jimmy John’s often makes the cornerstone of their most popular sandwich combos. The salami, the capicola and the bacon from Jimmy John’s is totally gluten-free as well.

You don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to gluten being found in the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickles, or pickled red onion available from this restaurant, either. Even their famous “Jimmy peppers” are totally gluten-free.

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

Condiments like the Jimmy mustard, their Gray Poupon or yellow mustard, the vinegar and oil  and oregano basil condiments, as well as their kicking ranch or Hellmann’s mayonnaise options are gluten-free, too.

Jimmy chips, their in house Thinny chips, and the jalapeno Jimmy chips are gluten-free sides you can pick and choose from.

The Jimmy salt & vinegar as well as the Jimmy BBQ chips both contain gluten, too. Steer clear of them!

You do have to be a little bit careful about the cheeses that you choose to top your Jimmy John’s sandwich, though. A lot of people that haven’t ever been to a Jimmy John’s restaurant are surprised to learn that they only ever offer provolone cheese.

This has been the singular cheese option from the first day that Jimmy John’s opened up in 1983 and it’s stayed a stable of the sandwich shop ever since. Unfortunately, though, the provolone cheese Jimmy John’s uses is 100% wheat free but it is not totally gluten-free.

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Closing Thoughts

What’s Gluten-Free at Jimmy John’s?  

At the end of the day, it’s really not all that difficult to find gluten-free options for your favorites at Jimmy John’s – especially if you’re a big fan of lettuce wraps.

Be careful about some of the toppings or sides you might choose to add to your wrap, though – especially the limited time options as well as the provolone cheese Jimmy John’s is known for all across the country.

Other than that, though, you should be good to go!

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