Is Advil PM Gluten-Free?

Is Advil PM Gluten-Free?

Advil PM is not a gluten-free sleep aid. The nighttime sleep aid and pain reducer contain pregelatinized starch, which is a wheat-based ingredient. There is only a small amount of pregelatinized starch in each pill. But, for someone with a gluten allergy, this can be life-threatening.

Plus, Advil advises consumers they cannot guarantee that the ingredients do not experience cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can cause the transfer of wheat-based ingredients onto the ingredients of Advil PM pills. An increase in the amount of gluten intake can cause severe allergic reactions.

Are Advil PM Capsules Gluten-Free?

Advil PM hard capsule pills are not gluten-free because of a wheat-based ingredient included inside. These capsules use a wheat-based starch called pregelatinized starch. Consuming this ingredient can be dangerous to someone who has a gluten allergy. 

Are The Advil PM Liquid Gels Gluten-Free?

Is Advil PM Gluten-Free?

Advil PM liquid gels are not gluten-free. They use pregelatinized starch, which is a pre-cooked starch made from wheat flour. There is only a small amount of this ingredient inside the Advil PM liquid gels.

Advil PM Is Not Gluten-Free

No Advil PM is gluten-free. So, people with celiac disease should avoid taking this Ibuprofen sleep aid.

There is only a slight amount of pregelatinized starch inside each capsule. That means, taking an Advil PM capsule might not be life-threatening for someone with minor gluten allergies. 

However, the slightest bit of wheat flour can cause a major allergic reaction if someone with celiac disease takes it.

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In addition to containing a wheat-based powder, Advil asserts they cannot guarantee their celiac consumers’ safety regarding Advil PM being gluten-free. Advil PM’s lack of a gluten-free status is not just because of the ingredients inside Advil PM.

Raw materials GSK uses to produce their Advil PM pills may contain gluten residue due to shipping, packaging, and handling transfers. Because there is a potential for gluten residue, Advil warns consumers that Advil PM is not safe for people with celiac disease to consume.

While minor residue might be safe for people with small gluten allergies, the potential for cross-contamination can be life-threatening and is not worth the risk.

About Advil PM

Is Advil PM Gluten-Free?

Advil PM is one of the most commonly used sleep remedies to fight headaches, pain, and fevers worldwide. This small sleeping pill is not considered gluten-free because of the ingredients inside the pill and potential residue.

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GSK created Advil PM as a non-habit-forming sleep aid. Since its initial development, this pill has helped millions of people seize pain so they can sleep comfortably through the night.

Ingredients in Advil PM

There are no active wheat-based ingredients included in Advil PM’s Ibuprofen formula. But the inactive ingredients of the Advil PM capsules contain wheat. 

  • Ibuprofen
  • Diphenhydramine citrate
  • Gluten ingredients include: pregelatinized starch

Advil cannot guarantee there is no gluten residue on any of the active and inactive ingredients. Since this cannot be measured exactly, gluten-intolerant people should refrain from taking this pain reliever.

Nutritional Information in Advil PM

There is no nutritional information about Advil PM. It contains no nutritional benefits.


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