Is Condensed Milk Gluten-Free?

Is Condensed Milk Gluten Free

Enjoying your favorite dessert can be tricky if you’ve got gluten intolerances or allergies. Whether you buy it from the store or bake at home, it’s likely to come with a few more setbacks than the average person. Where lots of people can freely chuck the ingredients in, you’ve got to be much more careful than that.

So many ingredients for desserts contain gluten and will therefore heavily impact what you can or can’t eat. It’s really not the most ideal situation. But there’s a way to ensure that your dessert is entirely gluten-free.

You might want to pick up a dessert from the store for convenience, but baking at home has its advantages – you know exactly what’s going into it. You can look at every ingredient and know how it has been prepared and that can give you the ease of mind that you entirely deserve! 

Condensed milk is an amazing ingredient that’s used in so many different recipes. From pies to puddings to ice cream, condensed milk adds that sweet but quite subtle taste that you need in all desserts. So, is condensed milk gluten-free?

Yes, condensed milk is gluten-free, so you can add it to your favorite pie and freely enjoy it!

Now, we’ll look at the ingredients and nutritional information for condensed milk to find out more.


Ingredients will possibly vary depending on the brand. We’re going to look at one of the most popular brands of condensed milk, Nestle Carnation. The ingredients are:

Sweetened Condensed Milk Minimum 8%, Whole Milk, 20% Milk Solids Not Fat, Milk Fat, Sugar.

Nutritional Information 

Again, depending on the brand, the nutritional information will likely differ. 

The serving for Nestle Carnation’s Condensed Milk is 50g. Each serving contains 4g fat, 27.5g carbohydrates, 3.8g protein, and 161 calories.

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