Is Cotton Candy Gluten-Free?


When you’re out and about, dealing with gluten intolerances and allergies can be even harder. You might have to bring your own snack out with you that you know for certain you’re allowed, or you might just spend a while scanning the menu and have to ask about dietary requirements. 

Sometimes, having to do so can make you a little anxious. You don’t want to be the odd one out or always asking for details on every single item. But we’re here to help to take a little bit of that stress away.

By researching and gathering all the information that you need to know about food and drink consumption, we hope that your mind eases just that little bit more.

Cotton candy is well known for its appearance at the funfair, festival stalls, or at the movies. It’s an absolute favorite amongst the kids. From its fluffy texture to its sweet delightful taste, cotton candy is a popular treat for all to enjoy. But can all enjoy it? Is cotton candy gluten-free?

Yes, it is! So, whether you’re out at a funfair, or you’ve bought some from a store for a movie night in, then it’s safe to eat. 

Irrespective of the brand, all cotton candy should be gluten-free. However, the only time that it won’t be is, of course, cross-contamination. If the equipment or facilities where other gluten products have been handled, then there’s the chance that it wouldn’t be safe. 

So, if you’re out, it’s wise to check their practices and ensure that they operate safely. But, that’s entirely up to you!


To get more specific information, we’ll look at Charm’s Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy for reference. The ingredients are:

Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sugar, Colors E129, E130, E131, E132, E133.

Nutritional Information

100g of Charm’s Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy contains 0g fat, 100g sugar, and 380 calories. 

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