Is Egg Drop Soup Gluten-Free?

Is Egg Drop Soup Gluten Free

If you’re allergic to gluten, sometimes the easiest way to ensure that your food is gluten-free is to prepare it all yourself. While this can be slightly tedious, knowing exactly what ingredients are going into your cooking is essential. 

Egg drop soup is a popular Chinese dish. It’s essentially a broth, usually chicken, although it could be adapted to your diet and contains beaten egg. Hence, its name of egg drop soup. You can essentially add whatever you like to it, whether that’s scallops or another type of fish, or a vegetarian alternative like tofu.

So, is egg drop soup gluten-free?

Yes, mostly. This will highly depend on one of the ingredients – soy sauce. If a gluten-free soy sauce is used, then your egg drop soup will be gluten-free and safe for you to consume. If it’s an ordinary soy sauce, it may contain gluten and be unsuitable for your requirements. 

Of course, if you’re making this at home, then it’s easier to adapt the recipe to use a gluten-free soy sauce. However, if you’re ordering this from a takeaway or restaurant, then there’s a chance that it might not be gluten-free. Therefore, if you’re ordering this instead of preparing it yourself, then you should enquire about the ingredients with the staff. 

It’s also important to note that if you’re ordering it from a takeaway or restaurant, there are higher chances of cross-contamination. While most places try to operate in allergen-safe environments, it’s not always the case, so you’ll want to check this too. 

Let’s look at the typical ingredients and nutritional information for egg drop soup. 


Depending on the recipe, the ingredients will vary. Egg drop soup typically consists of:

Cornstarch, Seasoning (Salt, Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic Powder, Ground Ginger), Chicken/Vegetable Stock, Eggs, Sesame Oil, (Gluten-Free) Soy Sauce.

Nutritional Information

One cup of egg drop soup (approx 241g) contains 1.5g fat, 10g carbohydrates, 0.2g sugar, 2.8g protein, and 66 calories.

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