Is Granulated Sugar Gluten-Free?

Is Granulated Sugar Gluten-Free?

Is Granulated Sugar Gluten-Free?

Granulated sugar might be gluten-free. When granulated sugar comes from sugar beets, it is gluten-free in its pure form. However, granulated sugar might contain trace amounts of gluten if it becomes cross-contaminated with products like flour.

In the following sections, you’ll learn about granulated sugar’s history and facts. Plus, you’ll find a list of common ingredients and nutritional information.

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About Granulated Sugar

Is Granulated Sugar Gluten-Free?

Sugar was first used in New Guinea around 8,000 BCE as something people chewed in raw form. The production of sugar cane occurred between 8,000 BCE to 600 CE in Southeast Asia, India, and China.

By 1801, the first sugar beet processing facility was built in Poland. Production methods continued to improve and scale throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

During World War Two, sugar cane cultivation became mechanized. Although the Hawaiian Islands became known for their sugar production, it came to a halt in 2016. New technologies, including precision agriculture, are now used to harvest sugar beets and sugar cane.

Consumers love sugar because of its sweet taste, and it helps make a lot of different foods taste good. You can find sugar in condiments like ketchup and, of course, in baked goods or desserts.

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Candy would not exist without granulated sugar. People who wonder is granulated sugar gluten free usually don’t have to worry when they buy a package in a grocery store. Many like to keep sugar on hand to add to iced tea and lemonade.

They also use dry granulated sugar when baking from scratch or if they want to caramelize food like onions.  


There is only one ingredient in pure granulated sugar, and that is the sugar itself.

Nutritional Information

Is Granulated Sugar Gluten-Free?

Serving Size

Two teaspoons


Zero grams




Eight grams


Zero milligrams


Zero grams

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