Is Land o Lakes Butter Gluten Free?

Is Land o Lakes Butter Gluten Free?

Land o Lakes butter is gluten-free according to the manufacturer’s website. Land o Lakes also produces a light version with half of the fat content. Although it is healthier, the light butter is not gluten-free. 

Read on to learn more about the rich history of Land o Lakes and the gluten-free butter options from their product lines.

History of Land o Lakes

Is Land o Lakes Butter Gluten Free?

Land o Lakes is an American-owned agricultural cooperative. Founded in 1921 in Arden Hills, Minnesota, the company is made up of over 1,950 farmers that produce cheese and dairy throughout the United States.

The cooperative was originally formed to create high standards pertaining to the quality and sourcing of American dairy products. The association developed a standard certification process which greatly improved the quality of dairy products sold.

Gluten-Free Product Line

Land o Lakes is known for producing dairy products free from artificial flavorings, dyes, or other preservatives. Their gluten-free butter contains only sweet cream and salt.

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The light version of their butter, however, is not labeled gluten-free. This is because in order to cut the fat content, additional ingredients needed to be added during the manufacturing process. The light butter from Land o Lakes contains gluten via cornstarch.

Land o Lakes in Recent Media

Is Land o Lakes Butter Gluten Free?

You may have heard of recent issues surrounding the Land o Lakes brand. In 2018, with the changing of times, the company came under fire for the continued use of an Indigenous person as their logo or mascot. 

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Later that year the company altered their former logo to include only the face of the Indigenous woman. While this placated some critics, many more stepped up to say that the company didn’t go far enough.

In 2020, Land o Lakes completely discontinued the use of any Indigenous persons for their logo and marketing efforts. The current logo consists of text only.

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