Is Oscar Mayer Bologna Gluten Free

Is Oscar Mayer Bologna Gluten Free

Oscar Mayer is an American meat company beloved by many Americans and others around the world. One of its most popular meat cuts is its bologna, a pre-packaged deli meat. Fortunately, for those who do not eat gluten, Oscar Mayer bologna is safe to eat and enjoy.

How do I know that Oscar Mayer Bologna is safe to eat?

If you have Celiac’s disease or eat a gluten free diet, your diet may be complicated. It can be difficult to avoid products containing gluten, such as wheat products. It can be difficult to avoid other food products which may not contain wheat, but may be processed or grown in the same areas where wheat is grown, risking cross-contamination.

Luckily, Oscar Mayer bologna is not known to contain gluten, and is generally safe for those who eat a gluten free diet. In fact, Oscar Mayer is known to not include fillers or artificial flavorings.

Since most meats do not contain gluten, one can be fairly certain that Oscar Mayer bologna is safe to eat. Their facilities are not known to process any ingredients which contain gluten which may risk cross-contamination.

The company Oscar Mayer is a subsidiary of the large corporation Kraft Foods, which has the corporate policy of disclosing the ingredients of its products. In the past, Oscar Mayer had a gluten free food product line, which has since been ended, unfortunately for those with a gluten free diet. Despite this, Oscar Mayer is now known to sell products which contain gluten as an ingredient.

However if you have a gluten allergy, you should feel certainly confident that Oscar Mayer bologna is safe for your diet. If you still feel uncertain, check out Oscar Mayer’s nutrition labels, and read closely to ensure that its ingredients adhere with your proper diet.

What is in Oscar Mayer Bologna?

According to the pre-packaged Bologna nutrition label, bologna contains the following nutriontal values:

Nutritional Value per 1 slice
Calories 90 calories
Total fat 8 g (12.31% of daily fat needed)
Cholestrol 20 mg (6.67% of daily cholestrol)
Sodium 240 mg (10% of daily sodium)
Total Carbohydrates 1 g (0.33% of daily carbs)
Protein 3 g 
Iron 0.36 mg (2% of daily needed)
Vitamin C 4.8 mg (8% daily needed)

The ingredients in Oscar Mayer Bologna include: beef, water, corn syrup, salt, potassium, mustard seed, dextrose, beef stock, autolyzed yeast, sodium phosphates, sodium nitrite, sodium diacetate, garlic, paprika, flavor, and celery seed extract. Essentially, the main ingredient is beef, as well as other natural flavorings. Oscar Mayer takes pride in not using artificial flavorings and fillings.

Oscar Mayer was created by Oscar F. Mayer, a man from Bavaria, as a single shop in 1883 in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, it has grown from its single shop, and exponentially grown in size. To ensure quality and healthy meat, Oscar Mayer feeds its animals antibiotics, to improve taste as well as safety.

Oscar Mayer is known around the United States and world for its tasty and affordable pre-packaged deli meats. If you cannot eat gluten, it is likely a healthy option for you. 


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