Is Sesame Oil Gluten-Free?

Is Sesame Oil Gluten Free

When cooking, it’s vital to be cautious of the ingredients that you’re using. If you have to cater for any specific diets, including celiac, and gluten intolerances or allergies, then you must know whether each ingredient contains gluten.

Depending on how severe your intolerances or allergies are, accidentally mistaking an ingredient as gluten-free can lead to extreme consequences, so you should always be conscious of products. 

Sesame oil is a particularly popular cooking oil used in Japanese, Middle Eastern, and Chinese dishes. Whether you’re using sesame oil to fry your favorite vegetables or dress it on salads, it’s a great toasty addition to any dish. Sesame oil is typically used alongside soy sauce in Asian dishes and enhances all of the yummy flavors.

It’s also thought to have some incredible health benefits, particularly for your heart, as well as combating inflammation and protecting against skin damage. 

Now you know what it’s good for, is sesame oil gluten-free?

Yes – it is! You’re free to use sesame oil in all of your favorite dishes without having to worry about the consequences.

Are All Brands Of Sesame Oil Gluten-Free?

No matter which brand of sesame oil you choose, all sesame oil will be gluten-free. Irrespective of where you purchase it from, assuming that there is no warning of cross-contamination, it should be safe for you to use.


Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds. Although brands could potentially vary, the only ingredient is pure sesame seed oil. As sesame seeds don’t contain any gluten, it only makes sense that the oil extracted from these seeds is gluten-free too.

Nutritional Information

The nutritional information could differ depending on which sesame oil you purchase.

Let’s pick La Tourangelle Sesame Oil as an example. For each serving size, that is 15g, this product contains 0g protein, 0g carbohydrate, 14g fat, and 130 calories.

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