Is Silicon Dioxide Gluten-Free?

Is Silicon Dioxide Gluten Free

Looking at ingredients is the key task for someone with intolerances or allergies. But sometimes, some ingredients may catch our eye that we don’t recognize at all. While there’s a lot of well-known ingredients, most products will contain some kind of preservative or agents that we’re a little more unsure about.

Of course, any ingredients that could affect allergies should be highlighted in bold. So, chances are that they’re not anything to worry about, but it might be wise to do a little more digging into the ingredients that you’re consuming.

Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is a flow agent, typically in the form of a white powder. Silicon dioxide is made from silicon and oxygen and can be found in many different plants, including leafy vegetables, brown rice, bell peppers, oats, and beets.

It’s unlikely to be an ingredient that you’ll ever handle yourself if you’re cooking at home. However, it’s added to many foods, beverages, and supplements for a variety of different reasons. 

It changes the appearance of food and acts as an anticaking agent, increases the shelf-life of beverages like juice, beer, and wine, and is used in supplements to stop ingredients from sticking together. Silicon dioxide has also been reported to have significant health benefits, including the development of bones. But, is silicon dioxide gluten-free?

Yes, silicon dioxide is gluten-free. It’s a pure ingredient and therefore doesn’t contain any gluten and is totally safe for you to consume products containing silicon dioxide.


As already stated, silicon dioxide is a pure ingredient that’s found in many plants. Therefore, as a natural ingredient, it’s safe for those with gluten intolerances or allergies to consume. 

Nutritional Information

As it’s a pure ingredient, it’s hard to determine what the nutritional information is. The information will differ depending on its uses. 

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