Is St Germain Gluten Free

Is St Germain Gluten Free

Is St Germain Gluten-Free?

St. Germain is gluten-free. The St. Germain elderflower-based liquor is a gluten-free product. It is made from elderflowers, which come from the elderflower plant. This plant does not cause celiac reactions.

As this liquor becomes increasingly popular, people with gluten allergies can rest assured that they are safe ordering St. Germain mixed drinks. The delicious floral taste is entirely free of gluten, which makes it a safe choice for a night out or an evening in. 

It is also a great liquor to keep on the shelf so you have a gluten-free option for anyone who visits with allergies!

Is an Elderflower Gluten-Free?

Is St Germain Gluten Free

Elderflower is gluten-free. The elderflower is a fragrant flower that is a part of the honeysuckle family. It has berries on the bottom of it. However, these berries are not used in the production of the St. Germain liquor. 

St. Germain harvests the blossoms of this flower by hand to make its artisanal liquor. These blossoms are then made into the fragrant and flavorful elderflower-inspired liquor St. Germain, the first-ever French artisan liquors.

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Since the elderflower flower does not contain any type of gluten, it is safe for someone with celiac disease or gluten allergies to consume. This is accounting for elderberries alone and not any additional ingredients that might be added.

About St Germain

Is St Germain Gluten Free

St. Germain is a prestigious liquor, made from the petals of the elderflower plant. This gluten-free alcohol comes in a tall, sleek gold bottle with a black label. Aside from tasting great, many people purchase this liquor for its elegant look. 

According to St. Germain’s website, their liquor is France’s first artisanal liquor. It looks the part too, with its vintage bottle.

St. Germain was made in 2007 by Rob Cooper, after becoming inspired by floral flavors. This liquor is one of the most popular new mixers because of its sweet, floral taste which mimics crisp fruits like pears, passionfruit, and citrus. 

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St Germain is popular alcohol because it can be mixed into many beverages to create a flavorful floral finish. Typically, people do not drink St. Germains directly but the floral taste still makes it great on its own.

The formula for this decadent liquor is unique. The ingredients in St. Germain’s liquor come from elderflower plants. 

Each bottle is made from up to one thousand handpicked elderflower blossoms. The handpicking method is a tradition that French artisans have been following for centuries. It takes longer to pick each blossom by hand, however, the flowers are fresher and the taste is sweeter.

Ingredients in St Germain

People with gluten allergies can consume St. Germain liquor because the ingredients in the alcohol do not contain wheat. It is a safe and reliable choice.

The full ingredients for this liquor are not listed on their website. To view the full ingredients list and the manufacturing process, you will need to contact the manufacturing plant.

  • Elderflower blossoms

  • Citrus 

Nutritional Information in St Germain

There are nutritional benefits to consuming St. Germain liquor. When drinking liquor, you will become intoxicated. St. Germain liquor contains 20% alcohol.


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