Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Menu: What’s Gluten-Free?

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

Dining out with Celiac disease or wheat allergies can be a difficult experience. Stopping for a quick bite can be especially difficult. Most sandwiches contain gluten, unless specifically noted they are gluten-free, making most fast food restaurant menus very limited or not friendly for wheat allergies. Jersey Mike’s is different. With the addition of gluten-free bread, they have succeeded with their gluten-free menu whereas others have failed. 

With the addition of gluten-free bread, almost all of Jersey Mike’s menu is available in a gluten-free option. There are over 29 gluten-free sandwich options available, as well as salads. Jersey Mike’s leads the way if you have celiac disease or wheat allergies. Their online menu also lists the exact ingredient used in each item making it easy to order if you have any kind of food allergy. 

Below we look at Jersey Mike’s gluten-free options, how they prepare the items, and things to avoid to ensure your sandwich or other items remain gluten-free. 

What is Gluten-Free at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

Jersey Mike’s has extensive gluten-free options for customers that have Celiac disease or wheat allergies. Almost every sub on their menu as well as their breakfast options is available with gluten-free options to ensure it is safe for their customers with gluten-free needs. They have also incorporated gluten-free training and procedures, with gluten-free utensils to prepare the orders to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.   

Gluten-Free Bread

Jersey Mike’s has utilized Udi’s brand of gluten-free bread since December of 2017. The Udi’s bread is gluten-free and also dairy free but is made with eggs. The bread arrives individually wrapped and is not opened until they are ready for use to prepare a sub. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and ensures the bread will remain safe for customers with Celiac disease or gluten allergies.

The Udi’s brand gluten-free bread is also available as a substitute for all of Jersey Mike’s breakfast items, making them safe for customers with Celiac disease or wheat allergies. 

Udi’s brand gluten-free bread is manufactured in Denver, CO. by Boulder Brands. They were tested in two Jersey Mike’s locations before being implemented in over 1,500 stores nationwide. They have worked with The Gluten Intolerance Group to implement the procedures and training for its staff to ensure the proper handling and preparation of gluten-free sandwiches. There is an additional charge for substituting gluten-free bread on your sandwich.

Are All the Subs at Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free?

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

By substituting the Udi’s gluten-free bread, just about every sub at Jersey Mike’s is available as a gluten-free option. There are only two exceptions that can not utilize this bread. The Meatball and Cheese and The Chicken Parmesan are not available as gluten-free options and should be avoided when ordering if you have Celiac disease or wheat allergies. 

In addition, when ordering online, Jersey Mike’s will list the exact ingredients of every sub and toppings on its menu which can be helpful if you have other food allergies and need to avoid certain kinds of foods. 

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Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

Are All the Other Toppings Gluten-Free?

All the other meats, besides the meatball or chicken parmesan, are gluten-free. The condiments are also gluten-free but could carry a risk of cross-contamination. If there is any concern about a risk of cross-contamination, feel free to voice these concerns and have your sandwich maker use new or unopened products to ensure your sandwich is prepared and safely prepared.

Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Preparation

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

The Udi’s gluten-free rolls are available in 7-in and 14-in lengths. They arrive at each Jersey Mike’s location individually wrapped and sealed to ensure they are safe for a consumer with Celiac disease or wheat allergies.  Employees will also change their gloves before the preparation of the gluten-free subs. The subs are prepared on parchment paper to provide a layer of protection from the counter. 

There are also dedicated knives and utensils for use when preparing gluten-free subs. Customers also have the option of having the employee utilize toppings from fresh bins, or untouched sides of the bins to further reduce the possibility of cross-contamination when preparing the subs. For hot sandwiches, the griddles are also clean before use when preparing a gluten-free sandwich. 

This training and preparation has put Jersey Mike’s as a leader in offering customers with Celiac disease or wheat allergies options when eating at their restaurant. They far exceed the options and availability of gluten-free menu items at other sandwich and fast food locations.  There are over 29 different sandwich combinations available in gluten-free options. 

Things to Avoid

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

With the addition of gluten-free bread and training to prepare the gluten-free sandwiches separately, there isn’t too much you will have to avoid or be leery of when eating at Jersey Mike’s. As already mentioned, the meatballs and chicken parmesan are the only main items that are not gluten-free. The dessert items also should be avoided as they are not gluten-free. 

Some Jersey Mike’s locations offer fries as a side option. Their fries are not gluten-free and should be avoided if an option at your location. 

How Did it Start?

Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

Jersey Mike’s Subs originally introduced the gluten-free option as the result of a franchise owner’s suggestion. Her daughter has Celiac disease and she suggested gluten-free options. After the successful test in two different markets in Los Angeles, CA., and Palm Beach, FL the company decided to go nationwide and offer gluten-free options in all of its stores.

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Jersey Mike's Gluten-Free Menu: What's Gluten-Free?

With the availability of Udi’s gluten-free bread, Jersey Mike’s has opened almost their entire menu to have a gluten-free option available. They have also implemented training and procedures for their employees to ensure there is no cross-contamination when preparing a gluten-free sandwich or other items. 

Parchment paper is used as well as dedicated gluten-free utensils to ensure a customer’s gluten-free sandwich is prepared properly. Customers can also request fresh or unused toppings and condiments further ensuring customer safety.

Jersey Mike’s is a leader in providing gluten-free options to its customers putting it a step above other fast food restaurants.

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