Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?

Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?

Yes, rice bran oil is gluten-free.

Rice bran oil is made entirely from chaff of the rice grain. With rice being a gluten-free grain, rice bran oil is a gluten-free as well. 

About Rice Bran Oil

Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?

Rice bran oil is derived from the brown harder outer layer of the rice grain, otherwise referred to as chaff. It can be identified by its clear yellowish color and sightly nutty earthy flavor. Rive bran oil is liquid at room temperature.  

As an oil, rice bran oil is highly versatile. It is predominantly used as a cooking oil, thanks to its neutral taste. Its high smoking point of 232 Celcius makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking methods, including stir-frying, deep frying. 

With rice being a staple crop in Asia, rice bran oil is highly popular in the subcontinent of India and East Asia, including  Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. 

Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?

Rice bran oil comes with a number of health benefits. A single serving of rice bran oil (14ml) contains 29% of your daily recommended vitamin E, which is vital in helping support your immune system and beneficial to blood vessel health.

Studies have also shown evidence that it can help drastically lower levels of Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL)/ bad cholesterol while also boosting High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL)/ good cholesterol. Rice bran oil has also been show to help lower blood pressure and mantain blood sugar levels. 

Derived from the chaff of the rice grain, rice bran oil is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

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Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?

100% Rice bran oil.

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Nutritional Information

Is Rice Bran Oil Gluten-Free?
 Nutritional Information per 100mlNutritional Information per serving (14ml)
Energy (kJ/kCal 3401 / 813514 / 123
Saturated fat21g3.2g

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