Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

All of the ingredients which make up Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso are gluten-free, making this popular chip dip safe for those who want or need to avoid gluten. However, this dip is not formally tested, so cross-contamination with gluten products is always a possibility.

About Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso

Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

Tostito’s is famous for its chips and dips and the Salsa Con Queso is no different. This richly smooth cheesy dip combines the flavors of bold Monterey Jack cheese and fresh tomato salsa. It comes with a medium kick of heat so everyone can enjoy the flavor without being overpowered by the spiciness.

Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

The combination of jalapenos, chili peppers, and tomatoes mixed with cheesy goodness make it the perfect party dip for any kind of chip. You can also get creative with this creamy queso dip and use to it top chili, make exquisite nachos, or pour it in a bowl and bake it for an undeniably rich flavor.

Any chip pairs great with Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso but most people love to eat it with classic tortilla chips to enjoy its unique flavor.

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Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso contains Monterey Jack cheese and a salsa blend of diced tomatoes, chili peppers, red bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. It also has added maltodextrin, water, DATEM, soy lecithin, corn oil, spice, nonfat milk, and modified food starch.

Preservatives include sodium phosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, monosodium glutamate, sodium citrate and salt. Natural flavor and artificial coloring using yellow dyes number 5 and 6 are additional ingredients in this popular cheesy salsa chip dip.

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Nutritional Information

Is Tostito’s Salsa Con Queso Gluten-Free?

Serving Size

2 tablespoons



Calories from Fat



5 milligrams


1 gram


1 gram

Total Fat

2.5 grams


1 gram


280 milligrams

Total Carbohydrate

5 grams

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