Are Catalina Crunch Products Gluten-Free?

We sent the manufacturer an email inquiring about the gluten-free status of their Catalina Crunch product line and this is the response we received.

  • Our Cereal is Gluten-Free and made in a dedicated Gluten-Free Bakery.
  • For our Sandwich Cookies, all the ingredients are Gluten Free. But the Cookies themselves are not Gluten Free because they are made in a Bakery that also uses wheat flour. If you have Celiac Disease, we recommend you steer clear of our Sandwich Cookies.
  • Our Snack Mixes are in the process of being tested for Gluten so we do not know if they can be labeled Gluten Free yet. 

Are Catalina Crunch Products Gluten-Free?

Kind of!

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