Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

When you’re on a gluten-free diet, it can be difficult to find foods and seasonings that work for you. One extremely popular seasoning is garlic powder, but is garlic powder gluten-free?

Garlic powder is gluten-free and safe for consumption. However, it can be difficult to tell when garlic powder is gluten-free because the product typically isn’t labeled, especially by large brands. All garlic powder should be gluten-free unless there are additives in it that could make it contain gluten. If you are ever unsure even after reading the label, ask a worker if the product is gluten-free or not.

The rest of this article will cover what type of garlic powder contains gluten, where to buy gluten-free garlic powder, what to eat with gluten-free garlic powder, and how to avoid meals with gluten in them.

What Type Of Garlic Powder Contains Gluten?

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

It’s very rare to see garlic powder that has gluten. This is because garlic powder doesn’t need any gluten products. However, occasionally you can find powder that has gluten added to it to thicken the seasoning up. These are the powders you’ll need to avoid.

A brand like McCormick doesn’t mark their garlic powder as gluten-free, but they do list the ingredients and you can find the wheat/gluten ingredients on the label. That’s how you know that McCormick garlic powder is gluten-free. Unfortunately, other brands may not have accurate information.

When you’re looking at a bottle of garlic powder, look at the ingredients first. Even if there are no gluten ingredients inside, it’s always a good idea to ask both Google and the workers. There are a lot of online resources that give you lists on what seasonings do and do not use gluten. Use these for all seasonings you’re buying, not just garlic powder.

Where To Buy Gluten-Free Garlic Powder?

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

Since garlic powder is so famous, you can buy it at almost any store that sells groceries. This can be Target, Walmart, Wegman’s, and other similar stores. Your local grocery store should carry seasonings like garlic powder, and by extension, they should sell gluten-free garlic powder.

If you don’t like shopping in-person, then there are plenty of online options as well. Amazon is expanding their grocery department even more, and garlic powder is one of the items you can find there.

Along with that, there’s also DoorDash. Many grocery stores are putting themselves on DoorDash to give their services to a variety of people. You can go on DoorDash, look at the groceries section, and find garlic powder at the specific grocery stores available on DoorDash.

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What To Eat With Gluten-Free Garlic Powder?

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

There are countless meals you can add garlic powder to. For starters, any vegetable-only salad is the perfect choice to add garlic powder to. Vegetables are naturally gluten-free, so adding garlic powder will give it the extra taste you’re looking for.

If you feel in the mood to cook, make yourself some gluten-free mac and cheese. Garlic powder goes well with mac and cheese too. Even better, you can make both salad and mac and cheese and add the seasoning to the two dishes.

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

If you’re looking for more variety, then you should make your own soup or stew. Soups and stews can be made in any way you please: you choose all the vegetables, meats, fruits, and seasonings. One of the seasonings to consider adding is garlic powder.

In general, garlic powder is great to mix in with sauces or dressings. If you don’t want to add garlic powder to the top of your salad, try mixing it in with the dressing instead. Along with that, it’s also good for marinades for various types of meat and fish. 

How To Avoid Meals With Gluten In Them?

Is Garlic Powder Gluten-Free?

Garlic powder that includes gluten is rare, but that doesn’t mean every food that has garlic powder is the same way. Even though garlic powder is gluten-free, it’s a seasoning added to many foods. That means the food you’re eating could have gluten in it despite the garlic powder.

If you want to avoid meals with gluten in them, you have to go through the same steps you would if you were looking for gluten-free garlic powder. Look over the ingredients and make sure not a single one has gluten in it.

If you’re cooking the meal, keep it away from any gluten products so there’s no risk of contamination. If you’re at a restaurant, most menus nowadays mark their special dishes. These dishes can be gluten-free, vegan, and or vegetarian.

No matter if they’re marked or not, you should always tell your waitress you need a dish without gluten. Your waitress will relay that information to the chefs, who will take extra care not to contaminate the dish with any gluten.

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