Are Kraft Caramels Gluten-Free?

Are Kraft Caramels Gluten Free

Are Kraft Caramel Squares Gluten-Free?

Kraft caramels squares are gluten-free, bite-sized squares of caramel. They are well-recognized for their single-candy wrapping and are one of the most well-known kraft caramels.

These squares are easy to travel with and can be purchased either as individuals or in packs. Their individual wrapping helps Kraft caramel squares stay intact and fresh for long durations.

The primary ingredients in Kraft caramel squares include:

  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Skim milk

The minimal ingredient formula that craft uses to make their caramels makes Kraft caramels the best option for people with many allergies.

Are Kraft Caramel Vanilla Squares Gluten-Free?

Kraft’s gooey vanilla squares are gluten-free. They contain the same ingredients as regular Kraft caramel squares with the addition of vanilla. This vanilla flavoring gives the Kraft squares a creamy twist.

People favor this bite-sized treat less than its regular counterpart, but that does not mean it is not good! The hint of vanilla gives it a unique flavor perfect for snacking or for mixing into baked goods.

You may only buy vanilla-flavored Kraft caramel squares in packages of 12 or more. Caramels come individually wrapped, with the same base ingredients as regular Kraft caramel squares.

Primary ingredients in Kraft caramel vanilla squares include:

  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Skim milk

Vanilla lovers have become addicted to the savory splash of vanilla in Kraft’s gluten-free Caramel Vanilla Squares. It is enough vanilla to satisfy your vanilla craving but not too much to drown out Kraft’s traditional caramel flavor.

Are Kraft Caramel Bits Gluten-Free?

Caramel bits are a common caramel cooking ingredient when making caramel candied or caramel-filled desserts. These caramel bits are great for easy melting and mixing into baked goods.

The primary ingredients in Kraft caramel bits include:

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Liquid sugar

The ingredients in caramel bits mean that you can create a yummy dessert without worrying about your gooey caramel center triggering your gluten allergy. You may use these caramel bits for pies, brownies, and other desserts.

Kraft Caramel is Gluten-Free

Kraft makes one of the world’s most popular caramels, making many gluten-intolerant people wonder, are Kraft caramels gluten-free? All Kraft caramel is pure caramel, which means that it is gluten-free.

Kraft caramel products are not officially registered gluten-free foods. However, the ingredients do not include gluten. Furthermore, they are a trusted brand by many gluten-intolerant people.

About Kraft Caramel

According to Encylopedia Britannica, Kraft Heinz Company founded the Kraft Foods division in 1903 as a door-to-door wholesale cheese company.

Kraft has been a trusted brand since its establishment because of its transparency and loyalty to its customers. They list every ingredient and potential allergen on the label.

Kraft has continued their loyalty by listing ingredients and allergens on the label. Because of their transparency, Kraft has become a trusted brand for people with gluten intolerances.

After Nestle, Kraft is the second most popular food company. They care about the ingredients in their food, and they cater to the needs of their patrons. Kraft knows how important it is to make their food edible to people with all types of food allergies.


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