Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

One popular pastry used for breakfast are strudels. Toaster strudels are crusted, flavored treats that vary from strawberry to cinnamon roll. There’s no shortage of flavors to choose from. However, these strudels contain flour. So are toaster strudels gluten-free?

Toaster strudels are, in general, not gluten-free. The main brand of toaster strudels, Pillsbury, does not have a gluten-free option. However, there are other brands that make gluten-free products. They’re harder to come by, but they do exist. For gluten-free toaster strudels, your best bet is to make them yourself.

The rest of this article will cover why toaster strudels aren’t gluten-free, how to find gluten-free toaster strudels, alternatives to toaster strudels, and why you shouldn’t have toaster strudels.

Why Toaster Strudels Aren’t Gluten-Free

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

It’s hard to find gluten-free toaster strudels because the ingredients are packed with gluten. For example, there’s a plentiful amount of flour present inside Pillsbury toaster strudels. Other brands use different, gluten-free flours to make strudels, but they’re difficult to create.

Even at bakeries, more often than not, toaster strudels are going to contain gluten. They require a plentiful amount of flour. If you were to exchange the flour for a unique flour that doesn’t contain gluten, then you can make gluten-free toaster strudels.

Otherwise, you’re going to see strudels with gluten all over the place. They’re the most common option, especially for the brand that started it all: Pillsbury. 

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How To Find Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Unfortunately, the main brand of toaster strudels doesn’t have any gluten-free options. There are smaller, less known brands that do, but they’re hard to come by. For these brands, you’re most likely going to find them online, but you can try shopping in-person as well.

The best place to look for gluten-free toaster strudels is online. On Amazon in particular, you can find all sorts of products. Gluten-free toaster strudels are a part of that inventory, but the major con to that is the shipping will take several days.

If you’re willing to wait days, or even over a week, then use Amazon to purchase the strudels. You can also use other websites, but it’s best to use Amazon since there’s variety, and there’s systems such as the review system and Q&A box that help customers with their shopping.

There’s also shopping in-person. If you want to physically look at the box and see the ingredients and gluten-free label, then you should try going to a grocery store. Grocery stores carry all sorts of pastries, which includes strudels.

At a grocery store, gluten-free strudels may not be possible. The good news is that even if you don’t find any, you can still pick up the items you’ll need to make your own. Not only is this a healthier option, but it gives you more versatility with your cooking.

Lastly, you can shop at Target or Walmart to find gluten-free toaster strudels. Whether you do this online or in-person, you have a high chance of finding strudels there. The contents Walmart and Target sell will vary based on your location.

Alternatives To Toaster Strudels

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Instead of getting toaster strudels, you can get similar pastries that’ll provide you with a filling breakfast. For starters, you can get gluten-free bread and have that in the mornings. Bread will give you the energy you need to go about the rest of your day.

If you really want a toaster strudel, you should make it yourself. That way you can get healthier ingredients and make it to better suit your tastes. You can experiment with the flavors by putting in any filling you want, and you can choose how soft or hard you want the crust.

Pop tarts aren’t much healthier than toaster strudels, but they have a similar taste and design, and they have more gluten-free variants that are easily accessible. If you’re looking for a gluten-free pastry product with filling, then pop tarts are the next best item.

Lastly, there’s also other breakfast foods you can incorporate into your diet, like hash browns. Not only are they filling and delicious, but they’re also quick and easy to make. Or you can even have hash browns with toaster strudels, and the pair will go together well.

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Why You Shouldn’t Have Toaster Strudels

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Although they’re a delicious treat that have multiple flavors to choose from, toaster strudels aren’t healthy. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in unhealthy foods here and there, but toaster strudels have so many similar, healthier alternatives that are cheaper too.

It’s more beneficial for you to learn how to cook different types of breakfast foods rather than relying on toaster strudels. They’re a quick snack, sure, but since they have few gluten-free options, you’ll want to have a list of foods you can replace them with.

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

The reason why they’re unhealthy goes beyond just the flour. There’s also the added sugars that are packed inside the treat to make it so sweet. The filling inside a strudel is pure sugar, which is one of the main reasons why it’s so unhealthy.

There’s no actual fruit inside the strudels. This isn’t always a bad thing, but in high amounts, it can be very unhealthy. That’s without mentioning how the crust has a lot of fat. As a treat, strudels are great. However, don’t treat it like a regular meal.


Clear And Unbiased Facts About Gluten-Free Toaster Strudels

Toaster strudels are a treat typically used as a breakfast food. They have a crusty texture with dozens of fillings and flavors you can choose from. However, most toaster strudels are not gluten-free. The main brand, Pillsbury, has no gluten-free version of their product.

To find a gluten-free toaster strudel, you need to look to the less-known brands. You can find these when shopping in-person or online, but more commonly online. The best way to get gluten-free toaster strudels is to make them yourself using the proper ingredients.

Despite how tasty they are, toaster strudels aren’t good for you. Therefore, you should avoid having them when you can. Try alternatives to toaster strudels, such as variations of gluten-free bread, or you can make your own, healthier versions of toaster strudels.

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