Is Chambord Gluten-Free?

Is Chambord Gluten Free

Chambord is gluten free. This raspberry liqueur is not made from any of the proteins found in cereal grains that constitute gluten nor does it come into contact with any gluten products in its refinement.

What is Chambord?

Chambord is the brand name of a raspberry liqueur. It’s ingredients include both red and black raspberries, vanilla from Madagascar, Moroccan citrus peels, honey, and cognac. Cognac is a liquor made from fermenting grapes. It typically has a proof of 33, meaning that it is 16.5% alcohol by volume.

Where is Chambord from?

While the brand Chambord was founded in 1982 in France, the liqueur itself was based off of a similar recipe dating back to the 1600’s in the Loire River Valley in France. The drink is rumored to have gained popularity when King Louis the XIV visited the Chambord estate in the valley.

How is Chambord made?

The berries are first steeped in French spirits for several weeks. The berries are then strained from this solution and steeped in a second batch of herbs, spices, and liquor. The berries are then pressed into juice and infused with cognac, Moroccan citrus, honey and cognac.

What does Chambord taste like?

While Chambord is used in a number of cocktails, one can also drink it straight and slightly chilled. The drinker will experience a rich, fruity flavor with slight hints of oak and vanilla. Raspberry is the dominant note in Chambord.

What cocktails contain Chambord?

Chambord is a versatile liqueur that goes well with a variety of ingredients. Replacing the sweet vermouth in a Manhattan cocktail with Chambord can provide a refreshing twist on the classic drink. Chambord paired with champagne provides the tartness of berry with champagne’s smooth mouth feel.

What liqueurs are similar to Chambord?

Creme de cassis is the nearest thing to Chambord in terms of general taste, as it is made with black currant, a similar dark berry to Chambord’s raspberry mixture. Creme de mure is another blackberry liqueur that provides a similar bit not quite as refined taste as Chambord.

Are there any allergens in Chambord?

There are no major allergens in Chambord such as wheat, dairy, nuts, or shellfish. Chambord is considered Kosher, but it is not an appropriate product for vegans because its infusion process includes the animal product honey.

Does Chambord taste good?

While taste is relative to the drinker, Chambord has received praise from critics, winning silver and bronze at the San Francisco World Spirits competition. The professional liquor review company “Proof 66” has officially categorized Chambord as a first tier liqueur.

Where can I buy Chambord?

Chambord is available in most liquor stores and bars in North America. It is considered a premium spirit and essential to any well-stocked bar. Because of its quality ingredients, extensive production process, and quality craftsmanship, one should be aware that Chambord is more expensive than other sub-standard liqueurs.

What is Chambord’s nutritional profile?

Calories per 1.5oz: 94

Carbohydrates: 14g

Sugars: 14g

Protein 0g

Fat: 0g

16.5% ABV


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