Is Daisy Sour Cream Gluten-Free?

Is Daisy Sour Cream Gluten Free

With gluten intolerances or allergies, sometimes, finding food that’s suitable for your diet can be difficult. It’s not just a case of picking whatever you want and throwing it in your basket. It requires a lot more vigorous research than that, and that research is vital for you, especially if your allergies are severe.

You’ll want to know exactly what’s in the products you’re consuming and so, you’re unlikely to be a stranger to checking the product’s ingredient list. If you’re new to all of this, then checking the ingredients is always the first step. Anything that you could potentially be unsuitable for your diet should be highlighted. 

Daisy Sour Cream has been declared, by the Daisy Brand, as the most loved branded sour cream in the U.S. Sour cream is perfect for a variety of dishes, especially for those spicy ones to balance out all of the flavors. Most commonly, sour cream is used on dishes like tacos or burritos. But, it’s also good for dipping, cooking, and baking too!

It doesn’t come with too many limits, which means we have to check – is Daisy Sour Cream gluten-free?

Yes, it is! You can consume Daisy sour cream without any worries about your allergies. So, that’s Mexican night sorted, right?

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and nutritional information and find out exactly what makes it such a loved product.


There aren’t too many ingredients for this sour cream, so it’s pretty easy to see why it’s gluten-free. The ingredients for Daisy sour cream are:

Skim Milk, Cultured Cream, Vitamin A Palmitate

Nutritional Information

The serving size for Daisy sour cream is 2 tbsp (approx 30g). One serving contains 2.5g fat, 2g carbohydrates, 2g sugars, 2g protein, and only 40 calories.

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