Is Gas X Gluten-Free?

Is Gas X Gluten Free

Is Gas X Gluten-Free?

Yes, Gas X is gluten-free and safe for those on a gluten-free diet to consume. 

About Gas X

If you’ve ever experienced pain in your chest or abdomen, then there’s a chance that it could be trapped gas. Often, trapped gas is mistaken for more serious conditions like gall bladder, appendicitis, or a heart attack. And it’s very easy to do because the pain can sometimes be quite severe!

If you have any other symptoms that are linked to these conditions, then you should consult a doctor. 

As part of your body’s normal digestion, it’s natural to produce and pass gas. But it can sometimes get stuck, and create a very uncomfortable feeling very quickly. All you want to do is relieve some of the tension and eliminate any pain as soon as possible. 

Firstly, you might be curious as to why this happens. Foods that are high in indigestible fiber, like cauliflower or beans, for example, are difficult for your body to break down. As it’s unable to break it down, it then builds up, which causes gas and bloating. 

So, how do you get rid of it? There are a few different ways that you could do this, so it’s entirely up to you. 

The first way is to become more physically active and try something like walking or yoga poses, or you could even get a massage. Another way is to try a natural herbal remedy, gathering items from your kitchen like turmeric, fennel, and coriander. Lastly, for a quicker, more convenient option, you could purchase an over-the-counter remedy like Gas-X. 

Gas-X essentially helps to break down the bubbles and therefore, helps to eliminate the trapped gas. It should either get rid of it completely or allow you to pass gas properly.

The key ingredient in Gas-X is simethicone, which has been recommended by doctors for gas relief. Simethicone is an antiflatulent and is a combination of dimethicone and silica gel. It’s often used for symptoms like bloating, trapped wind, and colic in babies. 

Gas-X comes in different forms. Each product contains slightly different ingredients and gives different instructions on how much or how often you should consume them. 

Note: If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from your doctor before taking any medication. 

The products in the Gas-X range are:

  • Extra Strength Softgel – 125mg Simethicone, Max Dose: 4 Softgels
  • Ultra Strength Softgel – 180mg Simethicone, Max Dose: 2 Softgels
  • Maximum Strength Softgel – 250mg Simethicone, Max Dose: 2 Softgels
  • Extra Strength Chewable – 125mg Simethicone, Max Dose: 4 Tablets

So, for all of those people out there who can’t take tablets, there’s a chewable option that makes it easy for you to consume.

The type of Gas-X that you choose will likely be dependent on the severity of your trapped gas. If you’re in severe pain, then you might want to opt for a higher Simethicone dosage, which will help to relieve your symptoms.


Regarding the ingredients for Gas-X, simethicone is the key active ingredient. 

Nutritional Information

As a medicine, there’s no nutritional information available for Gas-X.

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