Is Uncle Ben’s Rice Gluten Free?

Is Uncle Ben's Rice Gluten Free?

Is Uncle Ben’s Rice Gluten Free?

There are some varieties of Uncle Ben’s rice that are gluten free, and some that are not. It’s crucial to read the ingredients list of any Uncle Ben’s rice product you are considering before eating it in case you are sensitive to gluten. 

It’s also important to note that many of their products are not labelled gluten free, but some are. It’s also unknown whether or not there’s any risk of cross contamination from other food products. 

Which Uncle Ben’s Rice Products Are Gluten Free?

Uncle Ben’s states that the following products do not contain gluten:

  • Uncle Ben’s Instant Rice

  • Uncle Ben’s Ready Whole Grain Rice

  • Uncle Ben’s Original Converted Brand Rice

  • Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice

  • Uncle Ben’s Fast And Natural Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice 

  • Uncle Ben’s Boil In Bag Rice

  • Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Original Long Grain Rice 

About Uncle Ben’s

Is Uncle Ben's Rice Gluten Free?

Uncle Ben’s, now known as Ben’s Original,  was created by Converted Rice Inc. who later sold it to Mars Inc. Mars Inc. is known for creating a variety of food products, most famously their candies, including Twix, M&Ms, and Skittles. 

Uncle Ben’s also has products other than rice products, including sauces. They have created tasty rice dishes that can be cooked in a variety of ways for ease and convenience for over 70 years. Their rice products also contain numerous types of rice with various flavors and ingredient additions. 

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Their products make eating rice an easy part of any diet or lifestyle by making it easy to cook. There are microwavable options as well as rice that cooks quickly in boiled water. 

What Flavors Does Uncle Ben’s Rice Come In?

Is Uncle Ben's Rice Gluten Free?

Uncle Ben’s became a household name for their patented parboiled rice method in the 1940s which led to them releasing their first product, Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice. 

Since then, Uncle Ben’s has expanded their product range extensively. Some of their other products and flavors of rice include: 

  • Ben’s Original Ready Rice Long Grain And Wild Rice

  • Ben’s Original Ready Rice Spanish Style Rice

  • Ben’s Original Instant Brown Rice

  • Ben’s Original Parboiled Long Grain White Rice 

  • Ben’s Original Ready Rice Cheddar Broccoli Rice

  • Ben’s Original Ready Rice Roasted Chicken Flavored Rice 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Rice?

Rice is a very inexpensive and nutritious staple in diets all around the world. Rice has also been a necessity for thousands of years, and it can be found in different varieties and colors. 

Of all the types of rice that exist, brown rice is typically favored in terms of the health benefits that it provides. Some of these benefits are: 

  • It contains a low glycemic index for people with diabetes

  • Rice is high in fiber and gentle on sensitive stomachs

  • Rice is rich in antioxidants, which supports healthy skin and reduces cancer risk

  • Rice is a good source of magnesium, selenium, and Vitamins B1 and B6

Ingredients In Uncle Ben’s Rice

Is Uncle Ben's Rice Gluten Free?

Being that there are so many products under the Ben’s Original (formerly Uncle Ben’s) name, each contains different ingredients. Their plain rice products only contain a particular type of rice; for example, their Whole Grain Brown Rice.

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Some of their products are inspired by different cuisines from around the world as well as popular food combinations, so they will contain more ingredients. 

Nutritional Information For Uncle Ben’s Rice 

The following nutritional information is for Ben’s Original Whole Grain Brown Rice. A recommended serving is 45 grams. 


160 calories

Total Fat

1.5 grams


0 milligrams


0 milligrams


34 grams


1 gram


0 grams


4 grams


0.3 milligrams


90 milligrams

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