Are Ranch Style Beans Gluten Free?

Are Ranch Style Beans Gluten Free?

Are Ranch Style Beans Gluten-Free? 

Ranch Style Beans are Gluten and Dairy-free and make the perfect, savory snack for those with food intolerances and allergies. Plus they’re easy to find as they are held by many of the main grocery stores you’d find in towns and cities. 

What Are Ranch Style Beans? 

Ranch Style Beans are pinto beans that are mixed into a flavor-packed chilly mix. This wonderful mix pairs well with anything from tacos and burritos to grilled steak and potatoes. The classic pairing is with Mexican food like enchiladas for a taste profile sure to light up your tastebuds.

The great thing about Ranch Style Beans is that you can also make an entire pot of it as a stand-alone dish. Add a side of rice, some grilled veggies, and gluten-free pita and you have yourself a wonderful dish for the whole family. 

Are Ranch Style Beans Gluten Free?

Why Are Ranch Style Beans Popular? 

Ranch Style Beans are beloved by many savory snack people who also may have some intolerances when it comes to gluten and dairy. They’re fan favorites because of their small preparation time (it only takes about 15 minutes total to put together) and their delicious, spicy flavor. 

Not to mention that they make tasty additions to many of your weeknight meals and weekend snacks. Unlike the classic food staple, pork and beans, Ranch Style Beans are savory with a perfect amount of spice to appeal to even the pickiest eaters. 

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One of the biggest selling features of this classic treat is its versatility. You can easily combine Ranch Style Beans with a variety of flavor profiles such as Mexican, all the way to a cook-out type of meal. Ranch Style Beans are also good enough as their own stand-alone meal. 


Are Ranch Style Beans Gluten Free?

Now the ingredients list for this tasty classic varies depending on whether you make it from scratch or if you head down to your local shop and buy the canned version. Both versions are gluten-free, however many people prefer to make this dish their own by making it at home. 

The ingredients for the canned version are as follows: Prepared pinto beans, water, tomato puree (basically just tomato paste and water), a blend of vegetable oils and animal fats, salt, sugar, spices, onion powder, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, oleoresin paprika, natural flavor, soy, and lecithin.  

If you prepare a more natural list of ingredients then try this for home-made Ranch Style Beans. Pinto beans, water, tomato paste, onion, garlic, chili powder, ground cumin, paprika, salt, brown sugar, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. 

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Nutritional Information

The nutritional values found per half cup of a can of Ranch Style Beans is: 

Calories – 140 

Total Fat – 3g

Trans Fat – 0g

Cholesterol – 0mg

Sodium – 460 mg

Potassium – 410 mg 

Total Carbohydrates – 22g

Dietary Fibre – 7g

Sugars – 2g

Protein – 6g

Vitamin A – 4%

Calcium – 4%

Phosphorus – 15%

Vitamen C – 0%

Iron – 10%

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