Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

Pepper jack cheese is gluten-free.

If you suffer from celiac, or are just sensitive to gluten, you’ve probably wondered if cheese is safe to eat. Is this going to cause problems for you? Well, it depends on what kind of cheese you’re asking about. All cheeses are not made in the same way and could contain the gluten that you are trying to avoid. Read on to find out more about gluten-free cheese.

Are All Cheese Gluten-Free?

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

Not all cheeses are gluten-free.

Most cheeses these days will label their cheese gluten-free, making it easy for you to choose which one to buy, but there are some that are still not labeled. It’s important to read the ingredients carefully to see if the product contains gluten.

If a cheese is processed, they will often use artificial colors or preservatives, which may contain gluten. 

Another type of cheese to look out for is any blue cheese. There is mold that is in those types of cheeses that may have been cultured using wheat, which does contain gluten.

Shredded cheeses may contain a starch used to keep the cheese from clumping and that starch may contain wheat, which of course, contains gluten.

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What Is Pepper Jack Cheese?

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

Pepper jack cheese is a white cheese filled with peppers. 

The white cheese is Monterey jack cheese, which is very mild in flavor, and the peppers are usually jalapenos, sometimes habanero peppers as well. 

It’s a semi-soft cheese that is smooth in texture and melts very well because of its high water content. It has a buttery taste and the peppers can make it quite spicy.

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

In the 18th century, Franciscan friars of Monterey, California first made the creamy cheese. A businessman by the name of David Jacks began to sell the cheese, and so it became known as “Jacks’ cheese.” 

It’s not clear who added the peppers to the cheese first and began calling it pepper jack cheese.

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Its Uses

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

It is used in many dishes because it melts so well and the addition of peppers gives it a kick. Pepper jack is great for use in Mexican dishes, as well as nachos, eaten on crackers, in quesadillas, or by itself.

It can be used in casseroles, or to make sauces or dips. It can be used in a spicy grilled cheese sandwich. It can be grated and used on tacos.

The most popular way to eat this cheese is likely nachos because of the pepper flavor and the beautiful way it melts.


Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?

Ingredients are usually:

  • Pasteurized Milk,
  • Jalapeno Peppers,
  • Cheese Culture,
  • Salt,
  • Enzymes

This is from a popular brand and most brands do have roughly the same ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Gluten-Free?


Serving Size


Saturated Fat


Total Fat


Trans Fat






Total Carbohydrates


Dietary Fiber


Total Sugars


Includes 0g Added Sugars




Vitamin D








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