Are Sun-Maid Raisins Gluten-Free?

Are Sun-Maid Raisins Gluten-Free?

Are Sun-Maid Raisins gluten-free?

Sun-Maid Raisins are gluten-free

About Sun-Maid Raisins

Are Sun-Maid Raisins Gluten-Free?

Sun-Maid as a company was born out of the passion of entrepreneurial farmers who came together to sell raisins as one company back in 1912, led by H.H. Welsh. The name “Sun-Maid” was coined by E.A. Berg; a play on words since raisins are “made” in the sun. Over the 100+ years since the company was founded, Sun-Maid Raisins have delighted families the world over. 

The product is stored in a red box with a woman in a red bonnet smiling at the consumer holding a large basket of grapes.

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The logo comes from a painting done after the Sun-Maid director at the time, L.R. Payne happened upon Lorraine Collett while she dried her hair in a red bonnet. After politely asking if she wanted to pose for a painting, the iconic image was born. The image hasn’t been touched in the years since, other than a few changes to fit the times. 

Are Sun-Maid Raisins Gluten-Free?

The company produces other dried fruits and snacks in their Kingsburg factory, but their flagship is their signature raisins. Raisins are dried grapes that taste very different from their more juicy counterpart but are equally enjoyable.

They look like little shriveled-up grapes that are brown in color. Raisins are sticky to the touch with their sweet flavor much different than that of their counterpart.

Raisins are loved by all, especially those from Sun-Maid because they are compact and easier to bring on the go as a quick and healthy snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. 

Ingredients: Seedless California raisins

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Nutritional Facts

Are Sun-Maid Raisins Gluten-Free?

Calories: 90


% Daily Value

Sodium: 5mg


Total Fat: 0g


Sugars: 20g


Dietary Fibre: 2g


Total Carbohydrate: 22g


Potassium: 220mg


Protein: 1g




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